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If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded.
- Maya Angelou
No act of kindness, no matter how small, is every wasted.
- Aesop

Frequently Asked Questions

Fitness And Character Education [FACE] is a cutting edge program resulting in improved agility, coordination, focus, and timing. FACE incorporates self-esteem building and character education through public speaking on a specific word or theme within every class session. This arrangement allows FACE to enhance both academic and life skills development. FACE includes a strong focus on fitness to help reduce obesity in kids. While fitness training for young people is important, character building is equally essential. FACE helps elementary students become classroom leaders. Since its inception in 2003, FACE4Kids has reached more than 25,000 students through both its core program and assembly presentations.

The FACE program can be implemented in any school either by FACE Inc. or by our new “Teach the Teacher” program which is a full day training for your selected teachers with online intranet support. Most of the training is funded from foundations and corporate sponsors. Please fill out contact form below if interested.

While the FACE program is a great ‘after school’ enrichment program for students, it is most effective when the program is shared at the peak of their attention and energy level during the school day.

Please go to our DONATE page, as every charitable contribution directly impacts 300 youth in a public school district [ie, Duval county public schools, etc.]

Teach the Teacher Program [In School Option – sold to Schools/Locations Only]: If you are a school, or a facilitated location, this Program allows you to purchase the program and run it yourself inside your school/location. This program has full training to launch your program. [Discounted price for multiple schools or locations in the same district that sign up and train together].

Investment Price:
$5,000 per school/location [includes training for 1-2 Teachers]
$4,000 per school/location [3 schools/locations or more]
$3,000 per school/location [5 schools/locations or more]
$25,000 per district [up to 15 schools/locations]

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