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FACE4Kids® Data Metrics

Teacher Pre and Post Survey

Each School had a counselor that was committed to and supportive of the FACE program being implemented within their Duval County Public School. Also, started in Chester County PA in 2012*. The Teachers had to fill out a PRE Survey for each student attending the youth leadership program. There are 5 Main categories with Metrics summarized on the students since 2015-2016. Each category has two tasks being valued with a numeric score, with the values added per student. The Values represent a Summary of averages per school per category. After the FACE graduation occurs at each school, the contact counselor is asked to gather the same information for a POST survey with regard to each student completing and graduating from the program.
While the qualitative data has been impressive, this year, we were focused on our quantitative data collection. Both teachers and students have completed rating scales which will gave us pre and post scores in Fitness, Confidence, School Effort, Social Skills and Behavior Choices. We confirmed that this additional data collection continues to validate the impact of the FACE program – as EVERY school improved in all 5 categories. The Total Summary Averages are in graph and details found in FACE4Kids METRICS SUMMARY [PDF] for view.

Pre Survey Metric Details were completed by teachers on scoring 0-10, with two topics per category. The SUMMARY is the average score of students per school for the specific category. A POST survey will be completed after the graduation, and differences will be noted to analyze the change in the students behavior, attitude, confidence, etc.

Students also filled out their own survey with scoring values and writing their own responses to phrase ‘I want to improve in:” The focus is on the Teacher Metrics, as the numbers between PRE survey and POST survey can best represent the progression of student per his/her classroom teacher.
FACE4kids Metrics Graph

Data Categories

Rating: 1-not at all; 10-very much

CATEGORIES: Add both scores per category

Fitness Total

  •  Is physically fit
  • Displays coordination

Confidence Total

  • Has positive self esteem
  • Is confident when speaking in class

School Effort Total

  • Attends school regularly
  • Completes homework and turns it in on time

Social Skills Total

  • Displays self control and manages emotions
  • Is respectful to others

Behavior Choices Total

  • Makes positive behavior choices
  • Shows positive leadership qualities

Sample comments from students in different schools:

"I want to improve in"

Controlling my temper

Making good choices

Not getting in fights

My attitude

Confidence and speaking better

Turn in my homework

Feeling good about myself

Turning in work on time

Get an education

Being a leader​

On a Mission

Face4Kids on a mission Still
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Survey Comments

Teachers from FACE locations since 2015 were asked to rate students in categories along with open comments about the participant.

Sample comments come directly from the teachers, as following are both pre and post Survey Teacher comments, 2-lines being about the same student before and after FACE session.

"A struggles with anger issues and his ability to control his behavior when he gets upset."

"A is beginning to accept teacher redirection. He has shown improvement in controlling his anger."

"V needs to take responsibility for his work and choices. He would benefit from learning to problem solve and gaining leadership skills."

"V is really working harder now to be successful. He really enjoyed the FACE program!"

"We are meeting with D's mother soon to discuss possible autism diagnosis. He is very quiet and previously home-schooled.

"We are SO proud of D, he's really starting to lead and participate in conversations."

"J needs to take more responsibility with his work and personal education."

"J wants to be successful. He has improved in his organizational skills and hands in assignments more frequently. He really enjoyed the program"

"N struggles to read and as a result masks his insecurity with humor."

"N is showing potential to be a classroom leader."

"C, seems very unsure of his abilities and has little confidence when working or speaking in class."

"I have seen a big difference in C's, 's class behaviors. He is raising his hand to answer questions in class - Thank You!"

"L has problems with outbursts and hitting, being hyperactive and could not focus."

"L has shown HUGE SUCCESS!"

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