December 2023 | Face4Kids End Of Year

FACE4Kids® motivates elementary youth to build fitness, self-esteem, and character before it's too late.

FACE benefits from strategic partnerships that allow the 8-week program to be offered FREE during the public school day throughout the year.

FACE4Kids History and 2023

In 1997, I participated in an intervention program for juveniles in the Duval County jail and saw how they had to accept the consequences for their actions. I wanted to make a difference — yet catch them earlier rather than later to share character values with a focus on respect & leadership while teaching cool techniques and movements to our next generation. The seed was planted!

In 2004, I presented to a sub-committee asking to provide the FACE [Fitness And Character Education] program to the public elementary schools during the school day, where it would make the most impact. They told me that the Superintendent, John Fryer, would never allow that to happen and I left the meeting disappointed and dejected. Yet my Martial Arts training taught me that it was all about getting back up and not about falling down, so I decided to go to the schools directly and the rest is History!

What started out as selecting the “trouble makers” from public schools in the youth leadership program, has evolved in the participants being selected because of various conditions [low self esteem, death in the family, been bullied, is a bully, needing mentorship, on meds, etc].

The FACE program has been shared with public, private, charter, Montessori, alternative, and ESE students. The combination of Fitness, character education, acknowledgement at a “graduation” with earning awards, Data metrics [pre/post], and accountability have all proven that the FACE program works!

Everyone in this email has been a part of FACE4Kids in some way. A teacher, administrator, supporter, sponsor or person shown interest in the FACE program — you all have helped us to Make a Difference!

FACE4Kids® benefits from strategic partnerships that allow the 8-week program to be offered FREE during the school day throughout the year, where principals and teachers recognize the positive impact in the lives of their students. Often these students come from communities that suffer from extreme poverty, high crime rates, high unemployment and fractured homes. This unique program combines Martial arts, jump rope, juggling, agility training and public speaking.

Fitness is Essential, Character Education is Priceless!

Face4Kids has been implemented in over 60 different public-school locations throughout Northeast Florida since 2004 while expanding to Pennsylvania in 2012. The FACE program continues to be requested from schools all over Northeast Florida focusing on the message of respect and leadership while implementing the program during the school day or after school. Please consider making a difference by investing in the continued success of FACE4Kids. Thank you!

Kirk Farber, Executive Director and Founder
Fitness and Character Education, Inc.

The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

Sample Testimonials

School Counselor Annual Conference
Duval County Public Schools
The kids may be struggling in some aspects of their academic career, but put them in FACE and it gives them so many places in which they can shine, they get to grow and discover talents they might not even have known they had.
Shauna W, School Counselor
John E. Ford
I love seeing how the kids grow in confidence during their time in FACE. During this past session I saw a couple of big attitude shifts in particular. One of the girls is very soft spoken and shy and ended up being the first one to recite the poem! She also really grew in her ability to speak in front of her classmates with great poise. In the case of another student who had been struggling with her fitness, I saw her go from being embarrassed and unwilling to join in with the plyometrics, to being able to do all of them with joy. I will always support and utilize this program as long as Sensei Kirk offers it to us!
Martha S., Trustee
Kirbo Charitable Trust Fund
I appreciate your dedication to the youth in our community. Your program is so essential right now. We are proud to fund it!

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