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Joe Varady

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Joe is the Northeast Director of FACE and has been teaching the program at Barkley elementary school since 2012. He began his training in Cuong Nhu in 1987 at Gettysburg College, where he where he also learned boxing. Joe has won the title of “Overall Champion” fighting with a variety of weapons (longsword, short sword and shield, rapier and dagger, etc.) in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2009. 

Joe's Career Highlights

Kirk Farber

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Kirk Farber developed FACE, a fitness and character education youth leadership program emphasizing fitness while building self-esteem and confidence for children in 2003. He currently is Executive Director of Fitness And Character Education, Inc. He has shared the FACE “youth leadership” program and Assemblies to over 60 different schools or locations while Edu-taining over 25,000 students. He truly believes that we each can make a difference!

Kirk's Career Highlights

He uses the principles of martial arts to highlight his message and impact his audience. To view a variety of credentials and cool videos, please click here.

Kim Kelly

Kim owns and operates Playful Minds LLC, providing enrichment groups to homeschool students that combine physical activity and games with building resiliency and positive coping skills. After attending her daughter’s FACE graduation at Montessori Tides school, she became interested in learning how to support the program. She is one of the first DCPS counselors to implement the program, completing sessions of FACE at Seabreeze Elementary, Atlantic Beach Elementary, Jacksonville Beach Elementary, J Allen Axon and the Carver Center in Jacksonville Beach.

Kim's Career Highlights

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