June 2024 | FACE4Kids End Of Year

FACE4Kids® motivates elementary youth to build fitness, self-esteem, and character before it's too late.

FACE benefits from strategic partnerships that allow the 8-week program to be offered FREE during the public school day throughout the year.

FACE4Kids Updates

Smiling FACEs all Year!

FACE4Kids® just finished its 20th year of providing the popular FACE program this school year to over 300 elementary youth throughout Northeast Florida. Both onsite classes and virtual online workout were available for all students. Every graduate earned recognition awards while presenting an overview of the program at each school location.

Parkwood Heights - May 2024

It Takes a Village!

Since becoming a non-profit 501c3 in 2010, Fitness and Character Education, Inc. has been able to provide FREE classes where the youth leadership program is needed most, benefitting from strategic partnerships with so many supporters and believers in FACE4Kids®.

Parkwood Heights - Nov 2023

The Proof is in the Data!

FACE4Kids® holds each school accountable with pre/post survey data metrics in 5 categories: Fitness, confidence, school effort, social skills and behavior choices. It is great to have testimonialsphotos, requesting locations and word of mouth success. The data confirms that every school has improved since implementing data metrics in 2015.

John E Ford - Mar 2024

Sample Testimonial in 2024!

“I love seeing how the kids grow in confidence during their time in FACE.  During this past session I saw a couple of big attitude shifts in particular.  One of the girls is very soft spoken and shy and ended up being the first one to recite the poem! She also really grew in her ability to speak in front of her classmates with great poise. In the case of another student who had been struggling with her fitness, I saw her go from being embarrassed and unwilling to join in with the plyometrics, to being able to do all of them with joy.  I will always support and utilize this program as long as Sensei Kirk offers it to us!”

Ms. Shauna, school counselor

Face4Kids for any location

FACE4Kids® continues to make a difference in any youth environment. If you know of a location that would be interested in FACE4Kids or interested in more information about FIT [FACE Instructor Training], then please let us know! Thank You.

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