Sponsors and Supporters of Fitness and Character Education

Making a Difference!

$25K +

United Way - FSS
Intrepid Capital Management
THE PLAYERS Championship
Kirbo Charitable Trust Fund
Deerwood Rotary Club
Walmart / Sams
Winston Family Foundation

$10k +

Karl G. Estes Foundation
David Stein Charitable Trust
Wells Fargo
City of Atlantic Beach
CSX Transportation
Beaches Community Fund
The Jim Moran Foundation

($5K +)

Sabel Foundation
Arlington Rotary Club
City of Jacksonville - SCRC
City of Neptune Beach
Florida Blue Foundation
Jacksonville Chamber
The Community Foundation

($1K +)

Schwab Charities
C&S Grocers
Tegna Foundation
Games 4 Good Foundation
Cuong Nhu Martial Art Friends
Family and Friends
Hayden Hurst Foundation

Sponsors and Supporters Include:

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To continue sharing FACE4Kids FREE for youth schools/locations we rely on support from our community, grants, fundraising and donations.

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Donation Examples


Helps purchase FACE4Kids supplies


Helps purchase supplies per location


Helps purchase awards per session


Provides FACE4Kids® at a school location

School Sponsor

provides FACE4Kids® at a school location including

Growth Sponsor

sponsor a school throughout the year for all students ...


Mentoring Sponsor

provides a three year commitment to


provides a one year commitment to

Other $

Donation to the General Fund
of any amount

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